We are a non-profit organization

Price for Adult $5,593

Burials that take place on weekends or public holidays incur a weekend fee of $863

ICWA does not operate for profit. Non of our directors take benefit. This amount mostly comes from other parties which we do no control. Please scroll down to learn more on the breakdown of these fees
Last Updated: November 2019

What's in this fee:

Grave Site Cost


This is the cost for the piece of land for the grave site.

Burial digging & oversize casket fee


These fees are set by 3rd party council approved contractors.

Death Certificate


These are the fees for the death certificate.

Administration & burial permit fees


These are the various administration and permit fees set by relevant parties. 

Transport fees


This fee combines all the transportation fees incurred by different parties throughout the process.

Kaffan, toiletries & wooden box fees


These fees are for the burial items and materials.
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