"The most intelligent person is the one who often remembers death" 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

A small contribution per year will ensure your burial is fully taken care off in the future

burial membership

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Fund Objective

To render religious funeral service to members of the fund within the Perth metropolitan area only

Services Included 

Services for member includes, admin fees, transport within Perth metropolitan area, wooden coffin, washing & preparation of the body, Kaffan & toiletries, digging of the grave, Metropolitan Cemeteries Board fees and death certificate. Services do not include transport to and from outside Perth metropolitan area, weekend burial fee and grant of grave burial plot. 

Member Benefits

Membership benefits are according to the following schedule:
0-2 years covers 20%
3-5 years covers 40%
6-8 years covers 60%
9-10 years covers 100%

Annual Fees

$100 for single person and $180 for family up to 4 members*

Annual Membership fees are $100 for single person and $180 for family up to 4 members (consisting of 2 adults & 2 children, $10 for each additional child). A one off registration fee of $50 applies (transferring from existing family membership to a single membership are exempted from this fee. Fees are effective from 1st January of each year. Fees paid after 1st January are pro-rated. Membership will lapse if the annual fees are not paid within 3 months of the due date. Membership and registration fees are non-refundable or transferable. Applications for membership shall be made to the the Islamic Council of WA. The Council reserve the rights to refuse any application. If your personal details change (such as home address, marital status and children turned 18) you need advise the council in writing.

Account Details

Islamic Council of WA
BSB: 036078
Acc No: 719837

How do I apply?

Download and fill up the form to apply. You can come to our office or email the form to info@islamiccouncilwa.com.au

Download Form

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