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إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُون 

"To God we belong and to Him we return"

The Islamic Council of Western Australia is now providing a complete and affordable muslim funeral service.

A complete and affordable 

Muslim funeral service

We are

Caring Professionals

Islamic Council of WA feels that your wishes are most important and we are here to help you carry the Janazah of your loved one according to these wishes out, giving that personal touch by offering advice and explaining all the options. You can be reassured that our caring professional people will do everything to assist and put you at ease during this difficult time.

We are

Compassionate & understanding

At the time of passing, while people are grieving, they need as much help and support as possible from their family and friends. At The Islamic Council of WA we will be helping people through this process with compassion and understanding and are here to assist you in conducting the Ghusal-ul-maiyet (washing of the decease), shrouding, Janazah prayer and burial according to the Sunnah (Islamic rights).

We are

Not for profit

Islamic Council of WA is a not for profit organisation that has been serving the Muslim community in Western Australia for over 40 years. It has made it's funeral services as affordable as possible with all excess funds going back to the community.

About THE Islamic Council of Western Australia (ICWA)

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The Islamic Council of Western Australia (ICWA) is one of the oldest and government recognized religious councils in Western Australia. Established in 1976 and incorporated as a State Council for Islamic affairs in 1977.ICWA is a regional State body functioning under the auspices of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) established in 1964. AFIC’s administrative HQ is in Sydney New South Wales. AFIC is internationally recognised as the main unifying Muslim institution of Australian Muslims. The three tier structure of a federal council, AFIC, operating with the co-operation of the regional councils such as ICWA, which in turn functions with the support of several affiliated Muslim community associations has helped to maintain the unity and strength of the Muslim community in Australia.

Our Funeral Process

Contact us

Call us on one of the numbers below

Acquire death certificate

While you await the next course of action, it is best to start this ASAP. We will give you more details on this.

Transporting Body

We will pickup the bier body and transport him to our body washing facilities (in Queens Park, WA)

Washing Body (Ghusl)

Upon reaching to our facilities, we will immediately begin washing the dead body according to islamic rulings.

Shrouding (Kafan)

We will then shroud the dead body and prepare it according to islamic rulings.

Inform friends & relatives

At any point before this, it is important you contact all close contacts of the deceased so they can attend the Janaza Prayers

Janaza Prayers

We will then perform Janaza prayers at an agreed time at the Suleymaniye Mosque in Queens Park.


The final step is to perform the burial of the diseased

We take Islamic Compliance seriously

Let the final act of the diseased be in compliance to the sunnah of the holy prophet SAW


For all Funeral Services, please call:

041 888 1321

Hisham Obeid

040 331 9889

Abdul rahman


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